A note from ASA East Region regarding 2014 BAGCAT Championships

A note from ASA East Region regarding 2014 BAGCAT Championships

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Information for Spectators.

The 2013 BAGCAT Championships presented problems for the organisers. The number of swimmers entering the championships caused scheduling issues, and the resultant high numbers of spectators resulted in safety concerns.

Mindful of these challenges, the ASA East Region Technical Swimming Committee originally published qualifying times that would result in a noticeable decrease in the number of entries. However coaches were unhappy with this approach as they felt that it was detrimental to the development of swimming. After discussions with coaches a minimal change to the qualifying times has been agreed for 2014, although we will review this again for 2015.

As a consequence of this decision, we will introduce a new protocol for spectator admission in order to comply with the 390 person capacity of the venue. Details of this can be found below:

• An admission charge of £8 will apply to all morning entrants irrespective of how many sessions they expect to attend

• Where the ticket is not needed for later sessions (eg because the swimmer is only competing in the morning) it may be returned to the entry desk. A refund of £4 per remaining whole session will be given

• Where available, tickets will be resold at £5 and will be valid for the rest of the day

• Spectators will be issued with a numbered ticket

• There will be no further admissions after 390 tickets have been sold • Spectators will be able to purchase a maximum of 3 tickets per session.

• There will be no admission to the balcony for swimmers without a ticket. Swimmers must remain with their teams on poolside.

• Spectators bringing chairs onto the balcony causes a hazard and is strictly forbidden.

• Spectator may only occupy one seat and should not reserve seats for others or use them for baggage.

We thank you for your co-operation with this.

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