Attending training sessions

Please ensure when dropping off or picking up swimmers, vehicles are not parked outside Deben pool entrance and at Woolverstone vehicles must be parked in the designated areas. When attending training sessions parents are asked to make sure that their child/children have gone poolside before leaving. If parents do not stay to watch their child swim they must be aware that they take full responsibility for leaving the premises.

Once inside the pools swimmers must obey the rules at all times. No outdoor shoes to be worn poolside. Swimmers are asked to keep benches clear in the changing rooms by putting clothes in a locker or by bringing their kit bag poolside. No items are to be left on the poolside vents at any time. All swimmers are to be changed and on poolside at least fifteen minutes before the session starts. No watches, jewellery or locker keys to be worn during training sessions. During training sessions, all swimmers are to listen and carry out the instructions as given by the coaches or teachers and abide by the clubs code of conduct.

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