Deben Go To The Races

Deben Go To The Races

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Over the next three months Deben will be competing against nine other Suffolk clubs in the annual Suffolk ASA Winter League. The competition will take place over three rounds, the final round being held at Crown Pools in mid January. The initial two rounds will be virtual galas, with events running in two pools concurrently and overall points for each race being awarded following a little bit of mid-week mathematics!

The swimmers will race in age categories, 11 and under, 13 and under, 15 and under and an open age category. Each swimmer is allowed to race a maximum of three individual races plus relays in either their own age category or an older one. This can help some of the smaller clubs if they are lacking swimmers in a a particular age category.

In a throwback to the 1970s “It’s a knockout”, the Head Coach of each team also has a male and female joker to play in one race in each round. This will double the points for that race. No pressure then!

Deben will be swimming at Newmarket in the first round which takes place on Sat 28th October, from 6pm onwards. It would be great to see as many supporters there as possible to cheer our team on.

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