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The A team arrived at Lowestoft to find the pool even hotter than Deben, hard to believe I know but there is a picture at the end of this report that will prove just how hot it was and how badly some parents had suffered!!!

They got off to a great start with Hannah Moore starting with the 100IM and having the Joker on her stepped up to the challenge to win in great time of 1.18.13. Harry Longbottom went next for the boys also with the Joker on him and came a good 2nd in a time of 1.14.21.

New to the Summer League Minnie Wayman and Matthew Anderson swam really well in the 50m Back both coming 2nd.

Niamh Lynch and Daniel Davies came 4th and 3rd in the 50BRS with some great technique!

Abbie Webb produced an incredibly turn on the 50m to pull away from the field coming 1st in 30.75. Tom Beagley then started his marathon run of events coming a great 1st in 31.50.

Issy Wickens completely dominated her 100BF with a 9 second lead winning in 1.18.72! Joesph Brierly came third with a solid 1.27.00. Issy had travelled back to compete after competing at a triathlon all day coming second – well done Issy!

Although well competed it was Hannah Snelham and Jenson Hoole first time in the summer league swimming the 50m breast and both coming 2nd.

Kitty Paul and Tom Brierly had great races with Tom coming 2nd and Kitty producing a fantastic last 25m in a battle with Lowestoft holding her nerve and taking the win in the 50m FC with a PB 34.22.

Abbie Webb owned the 50BF showing her strength off the turn and last 25m winning it while Tom stepped up for his 2nd race of the four coming a brilliant 2nd!

Hannah Moore owned the 100BC with awesome turns and a great finished she won it in a time of 1.15.59. Joseph Brierly came in 2nd with a great time of 1.15.90.

First lot of relays next with some fantastic displays of take overs and swimming fast. We claimed three out of the four top spots with some brilliant competition from Lowestoft!

There was no break for fear of everyone suffering from heat exhaustion so it was straight through with the second half.

As always with Deben the team spirit remained high and everyone was supportive – a special mention to Becki Merrill who walked up and down the pool cheering her team mates on while her mum sat on the side after finding a very light breeze in that area!!! More about that at the end of the report!

Daisy Pitt had a fantastic 100m BRS she lead from the start and held her stroke coming back even stronger to take the win. Daisy had travelled back from Birmingham competing in a Pentathlon and came 5th in a tough age group of 15U so very well done Daisy.

Harry Longbottom also had a beautiful 100m BRS also taking the win in holding his stroke and working hard off his turns.

Daniel Davies was a Butterfly machine!! He did an incredible job swimming his individuals and swimming up an age group in the relay as did Tom Brierly so thanks boys – you were awesome!

The last lot of relays were brilliant with some real exciting swims and close races with Lowestoft – brilliant fun!

Last event the cannon and Deben did what they did best and swam their hearts out to take the win off Lowestoft who had lead all the way – Joseph Brierly had an awesome final 25m gaining with every stroke and pipped Lowestoft to take the win! Deben 2.09.50, Lowestoft 2.09.70 – Deben ecstatic…..Lowestoft gutted…… that’s swimming!!!

A huge thank you and a massive well done to Tom Beagley for swimming all four events, two relays and the cannon – a great job and the whole team thank you!!

Also a special mention to Lewis Moore who due to illness was unable to compete but came along to support his team mates and I am hearing on the grapevine he will be fit for Round 2!! Thanks Lewis.

So remember at the start of the A team report I said about the awful conditions where the majority of parents had to endure a 24 seating capacity overlooking the pool where it was even hotter than on poolside, every time I looked up all I could see was a wave of white paper being used as fans!!! However the two parents that really suffered in the air conditioned reception area, drinking ice cold coke, watching it all on a flat screen TV in very comfortable big chairs is shown below – it could only be Mr Andy Merrill & Mr Richard Snelham……….busted!!!!

Finally the reason I was taking a back seat (literally by the second hot!!) is because Stephen is taking on the Summer League and I will do the Winter League. You all know how I can’t stay away and leave things to my trusted team well I am learning how to!! By giving Stephen the lead on the Summer League it gives him chance to experience the whole event from the admin side to seeing it through to the finals! I won’t be there for the next two rounds to give Stephen and the coaching team a chance to experience it without me breathing down their necks. Also this time of year is manic with the older swimmers with Regionals, last chance Regionals, Bagcat Regionals, Developments and Club champs – something has to give!! Hope that gives you all an understanding of how things are now running! So many thanks to Stephen and to Karen for doing a fantastic job in running it and the best of luck for the next two rounds!

Results were : Deben A 1st 236pts, Lowestoft A 2nd 204pts, Thetford 3rd 180pts Halstead 4th 156pts and Lowestoft B 5th 101pts. We haven’t had the results in the other leagues yet so not sure where that puts us overall at the moment.

News just in!!! Overall results have arrived and Deben A are 2nd overall behind Stowmarket! Well done!



I have had some amazing reports from the B team so congratulations to all the swimmers and well done.

My thanks go to Elaine Cogdell and Jon Harris for running the B team so well and motivating the swimmers and supporting the first timers so well. Special thanks to Elaine who has compiled the below report for you all and you will see just how proud she was of you all – amazing job well done!!!

“It was a long but great night at Beccles. All the kids were really well behaved and all stayed right until the end and were super supportive of each other. We finished about 8.30pm after having two other club swimmers vomit poolside and an ambulance being called for one of them!!

I think George was the only boy that didn’t know any of the other boys but Dan, Daniel, Aiden, Nathan, Kieran really made him welcome. Sam Cundy had excellent swims and i think he thoroughly enjoyed the whole night once he had got his first swim out of the way. Connor was a little star. He swam his butterfly really well and never gave up although you could see how tired he was. He was shattered at the end but had enough energy for a high five. Kieran Smith was great with everyone. He swam really well but has so much more in the tank!! Daniel Loveless was a real team player, he gelled really well with the boys and hopefully came away feeling really positive about the night. Daniel Harris was great, mature and really supportive – he seemed to be happy with his swims.

The girls really gelled too. There were some close calls at the start with a couple of the girls arriving just in time as I was rearranging the swimmers in prep for them being delayed!!
The girls all had great swims. Daisy really attacked her fly in both the individual and medley event and was a bundle of excited energy. I think she had a fab fun time all night and was really chuffed with her swims. Ella took it all in her stride and did a 46.85in her 50Free + a great lead off in the relay. Nathalie/Chloe Howard were superb especially Chloe who did an amazing leg in the cannon and got us from 5th to 3rd allowing Kieran to bring it home. Ellie/Pip although nervous both swam great individual events and worked really well with Els/Megan/Hannah in the relays.
The younger girls (Erin, Flora and Alice) were obviously nervous but handled their races really well coming 3rd/3rd and 4th respectively. Really pleased with Megan/Hannah & Els – it is clear to see that all the streamlining off starts & turns training we have been doing with them in AGD & AGP is paying off. Megan did a 1.22.19 on 100 fly , then about 10mins later a 37.6 on her 50fly. Hannah a 40.21 on her back with a great start & turn. Els got under the 33 mark again on her 50 free with a 32.72.
Just wanted to let you know that the kids really were a great team and both Jon & I were really pleased and proud of how they all handled themselves.”
Deben B finished 4th on the night and are currently placed 9th overall. Well done!
1st Stowmarket 243pts 2nd Gt Yarmouth A 183pts 3rd Beccles 168pts 4th Deben B 151pts 5th Hadleigh 140pts

Final results on the night

Stowmarket 1st 243pts, Gt Yarmouth A 2nd 183pts, Beccles 3rd 168pts, DEBEN B 4th 151pts, Hadleigh 5th 140pts

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