Gosling Gala 2013

Gosling Gala 2013

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Swimmers you were amazing on Saturday night and Mr and Mrs Gosling would have been very proud of you!!

We had a number of first places with those all important PB’s but for me the most important thing was that you were having fun and enjoying supporting your team mates. Every time I looked at the shallow end I saw a sea of Deben Swimmers waving and cheering their team mates on!

The over all results were:
Deben A Girls 108 Leiston A Boys 108 Leiston A 1st place 215pts
Leiston A Girls 102 Deben A Boys 79 Deben A 2nd place 193 pts
Leiston B Girls 64 Leiston B Boys 74 Leiston B 3rd place 142pts
Deben B Girls 17 Deben B Boys 25 Deben B 4th place 42pts

All swimmers did a fantastic job but some mentions go to the following swimmers for excellent technique – Daisy Pitt 50BF – no breathing off the turn and pulled ahead because of it, Aiden Souter 50FC didn’t breathe out of his turn and kept to every three throughout, Megan Claydon had a fantastic 10-12m turn off her 50BF and the best start of the competition was Erin Yeomanson 50BC – her body shape off the blocks over the water was perfect!

We had some close races with Leiston which bought the roof down!
Daisy Attwater 25m BF took first place in time of 20.48 with a perfect finish!
Erin Yeomanson 25mBC took first place in a time of 21.00 with Leiston 2nd in 21.62!
Jensen Hoole 25mBC also took first place in a time of 21.31 with Leiston 2nd in 21.81!
The Cannon had to be the closest of all though with every length changing and Leiston getting closer and closer but there was no way Joseph Kitson our final swimmers was going to let Leiston get us – he kept his head down and kicked like his life depended on it and got us the win! The atmosphere was electric and very very loud – brilliant stuff! Joseph also deserves a special mention as the boys 12yrs 50m BF he placed first with a time of 47.33 and being the only competitor in that race not to be DQ’d so very well done!

Our girls relay teams gave a convincing win as did Megan Claydon 12yrs 50BF winning by 8.2 secs with a time of 36.31!

Our B team deserve a special mention as some of them were denied a relay due to circumstances but swam their individual races with Deben heart and spirit. So huge thank you to Ella Houston, Conor Houston, Alexa Elliff, James Hyde and Joseph Kitson and well done also to those swimmers who stepped up at the last minute to swim in the A team! Very proud of you all!

My thanks go to Kieran Whight, Nick Elmer, Fran Souter and Becki Merrill who did a fantastic job in looking after the swimmers and getting them to their races. Its not often you get teenagers willing to give up a Saturday night!!
My thanks also go to Sarah Elmer and her team of behind the scenes volunteers together with Andy Merrill and the Tech Team (also for stepping in as a coach for the B team as well!!) Podge and all the Officials and to all the parents that stayed to support and cheer us on.
Many thanks to Carol Naunton for coming down to present the Trophies on Mr & Mrs Goslings behalf and to Paul Kitson for announcing the results!

However my biggest thanks go to YOU THE SWIMMERS! Fantastic representation of what we at Deben are about, talented, supportive, competitive, sportsmanship and we know how to have fun while getting the results!



Nikki Merrill
Head Coach
Deben SC

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