Sprint Awards and Mini Champs

Deben Swimming Club Sprint Awards

Deben Swimming Club has re-introduced a set of competitive award standards and badges for the younger swimmers to work towards regardless of age. The required times for these awards are in the table attached. The concept of the idea is to compliment the practices in place at the club where promotion to the next squad is acknowledgement of a higher competence shown by the swimmer. The awards are split into four distances (25m, 50m, 100m and 200m) and cover all strokes as well as the Individual Medley. However, certain levels only become available for achievement when the swimmer has reached a very competent ability level. As an example, to attain the top awards the swimmers will need to be highly competent at that stroke as the times correlate closely to county standard for 10 year olds (Emerald) and county standard at 11 years old (Ruby). The county championships do not offer 25m races so these level of attainment are not available in the table. If you achieve, by either matching or bettering the qualifying time, at any organised events, you should contact Tracey Houston and make a claim to purchase the appropriate badge. You just need to check the results on the website for internal meets such as the mini-champs (25m races) or Deben Club champs (50m races upwards) and note down the event date, stroke, distance and of course the time achieved. For the older swimmers if the time is achieved at an open event such as the Deben Open , the times are published on the ASA website so please check that you have the appropriate time and advise Tracey Houston of your accomplishment so you purchase your appropriate badge.

Mini Club Championships Results

The 2016 Mini Champs were held on 29th July. A big 'Thank You' to all the parents for their support creating a great atmosphere for this annual event.

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