Subscription Rates

Subscription rates for Deben Swimming Club from the 1st September 2013 can be found below.

Subscriptions are payable on the 1st of each month by bank standing order. ASA fees for swimmers and parent member are payable annually (see bottom of page).

Any concerns or queries that you have regarding the amendment in monthly subscriptions should be directed to, as should any reminders of your families Unique Account ID (eg:  DSC9999 BROWN X/Y/Z.) to be used on all payments – issued to ease the process of tracking Standing Orders.

Subscription standing order form 2014

Subscription Charge
Performance 59.00
Age Group Performance 51.00
Age Group Development 40.00
Youth 35.00
Competitive Development 29.50
Skill Development 27.00
Juniors 24.50
Transition 24.50
Teaching Stages 4 to 8 23.50

ASA fees are also payable on an annual basis, the rate payable depends on the squad. For every child who is under 18, there must also be a parent member. Rates for 2014 are in the table below.

Category Description Charge p/person
1 Teaching Section £15.00
2 Transition, Junior, Skill Development, Competitive Development, Age Group Development, Age Group Performance, Performance, Youth Performance £32.50
3 Parent for children under 16 £6.50

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