Suffolk County Development Championships 2014

Suffolk County Development Championships 2014

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On June 21st/22nd, twenty one swimmers attended the Development Championships at Newmarket. From 93 swims there were 72PB’s and 35 medals (8 gold, 16 silver and 11 bronze).

The first session on the Saturday saw 79% PB’s achieved, some of which were huge (Matthew Anderson’s 10s PB for 200IM, Hattie Reader’s 9s PB on 100IM and Archie Brigginshaw’s 10s PB on 100 BRS). After a short break, session 2 kicked off with Hannah Taplin and Cerys Russell achieving 6s PB’s for 200BC. The boys then smashed out great swims for 200BRS, Connor Houston 4.02.63 (10s PB) and Archie Brigginshaw 4.00.16 (14s PB). The final event of session 2 was the boys 50Free and there was fierce competition between Lewis Rickards and Kieron Whight (entry times 28.06 & 28.30). Kieran used his underwater sections effectively but Lewis had the power on the surface and just held off Kieran by 0.15s (Lewis 27.62, Kieran 27.77). Deben achieved 93% PB’s in session 2.

Session 3 saw the presence of two swimmers who were new to competition, Poppy Branton and Niamh Venediger, both girls swam extremely well on 50BRS, Poppy managed a 2s PB and Niamh managed a 3s PB, congratulations to both. After all of the events on the Saturday, Deben picked up 22 medals (5 gold, 9 silver and 8 bronze) and achieved 38/48 PB’s.

Session 4 on the Sunday morning kicked off with Correy Abbott achieving 3.01.83 for 200IM (6s PB). Three boys from age group development hit their races with massive PB’s (Matthew Anderson 7s on 100IM and 10s on 100Free, Archie Brigginshaw 9s on 100IM and 7s on 100Free and Aiden Souter smashed his PB by 9s for 100Free), 89% PB’s were achieved in session 4.

After no break from session 4, Deben were first to warm up for session 5 and showed that the long weekend was started to have an effect on some increasingly tired swimmers. But Matthew Anderson wasn’t finished, he stormed his 200BC with another 10s PB (3.11.14). The twins, Hattie and Lily Reader swam 50Free in the same heat (Hattie @ 39.00 and Lily @ 37.81), Hattie achieved a 11s PB and Lily managed a 4s PB. 83% PB’s achieved in session 5.

The final session saw the boys 200 freestyle with Aiden Souter gain a 7s PB (2.55.74), Nathan Griggs gain a 6s PB (2.45.82) and Archie Brigginshaw (after not feeling well) destroy his PB but 21s!!!! (3.10.97). After Sunday events had finished, Deben achieved 13 medals (3 gold, 7 silver and 3 bronze) and 34/45 PBs.

I would like to congratulate all of the swimmers that attended; achieved new PB’s and won medals.

I would also like to say a big thank you to Richard Snelham, Nigel Abbott and Linda Griggs for their assistance over the weekend.

Matt Boreham

Assistant Head Coach

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