Ipswich Last Chance County Gala

Ipswich Last Chance County Gala

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A warm welcome was extended to Deben Swimming Club at the recent Ipswich Open meet in which Deben Swimming Club entered a team of 44 swimmers. This competition was the swimmers last chance to qualify for the 2014 Suffolk County Championships to be held in March.

The Deben swimmers consisted of a mix of those new to competing as well as those more experienced. Even so, an impressive 89PB’s were achieved over a great weekend of swimming with many swimmers achieving their first or new County or Regional times. Great team support and good spirit was obvious throughout the Deben team and all really enjoyed a very successful weekend.

There were strong performances throughout the team across the whole of the weekend. Worthy of a separate note were the outstanding performances from our senior squad boys (Rob Doig, Tom Beagley, Todd Last and Sean Burgess) who all broke their 50FC PB time – never easy! Other highlights of outstanding performances, to name just a few were: Jenson Hoole 9yrs (3.20.48 for 200IM), Tom Beagley 13yrs (2.40.61 for 200BRS), Lily Reader 9yrs (47.96 for 50BF), Hatty Reader 9yrs ( 49.36 for 50BC), Ella Houston 9yrs ( 3.05.29 for 200FC), Erin Yeomanson 11yrs (1.31.64 for 100BC),Connor Houston 9yrs (3.16.17 for 200FC), Minnie Wayman 10yrs (5.45.67 for 400FC), Nick Elmer (55.94 for 100FC) Rob Doig 14yrs (4.44.26 for 400FC), Lewis Moore 11yrs (5.41.99 for 400IM), Matthew Anderson 11yrs (2.54.77 for 200FC), Laura Snelham 9yrs (3.28.17 for 200FC), Hannah Snelham 11yrs (2.50.91 for 200FC), Daisy Attwater 10yrs (3.02.35 for 200FC), Hannah Taplin 12yrs (2.34.78 for 200FC), Ruby Sheepshanks 9yrs (52.59 for 50BRS), Alexa Eliff 10yrs (45.37 for 50BRS), Daniel Davies 11yrs (1.31.80 for 100BC), Abbie Webb 13yrs (2.50.39 for 200BF), Tom Conway 11yrs (3.16.50 for 200BC).

More good news for Deben Swimming Club follows this meet as four swimmers (Tom Beagley, Alexa Eliff, Lewis Moore and Abbie Webb) have been selected to represent Suffolk in the inaugural Junior Inter County Gala to be held in Biggleswade on 1st February.

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