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Deben Swimming Club has a diverse membership, so you are sure to find a squad that suits your ability and swimming objectives. For more information or to register your interest please email our New Membership Secretary, Dawn Foskett, providing your name, address and phone number.

Generally new swimmers will be invited for a trial session so that their level / ability can be assessed. From there they will either be invited to join at the next intake or they will join the relevant waiting list.

When you first start...

We hope this will be the beginning of a long, enjoyable and successful career in competitive swimming. This guide is intended to answer questions swimmers and parents may have at this early stage.
Competitive swimming depends upon regular training, and as you progress through the club you will be expected to train more often and for longer sessions. Training sessions take place in Woodbridge and for Performance, AGP and AGD at Woolverstone twice a week. You should always do your best to attend your training sessions regularly, and let your coach know if you are unable to swim due to illness or injury.
Things to remember:
• Be on time! Your coach will have prepared a session to last a set length of time. If you are late you won’t have time to warm up properly and will disrupt the training session.
• Use the toilet before starting the training session.
• Have all your equipment with you ready to use
• Listen to your coach. They will explain what they want you to do and answer your questions, but they will get fed up if they have to repeat things because swimmers aren’t listening.
• Always do your best.
If you have any questions to ask about your training at any time, the first person to ask is your coach. If they are unable to help, they will probably know who can.

You will need to have the following equipment with you for every training session:
• Swimming costume/trunks and towel.
• Deben Swimming hat (unless you have very short hair).
• Well fitting goggles
• Drink in a plastic bottle (fizzy drinks are not suitable)
• Kick board
• Pull buoy.
• Fins ( short training )
• Net bag to keep your wet gear in.
A club shirt will be useful to wear on poolside during galas and time trials and is an excellent place to sew badges. These can be ordered from Elaine (Club secretary) . You will also need your Deben hat to wear in competitions.
As you move up the squads you will need extra equipment, but your coach will explain what is needed.
You may also like to get a note book to keep a record of your swimming, especially once you start competing in galas. A record of your personal best times for each event will allow you to keep track of your progress. You will need to keep a record of your times and the place and date you did them as they will be needed for when you enter galas.

Subscription rates for Deben Swimming Club from the 1st July 2018 can be found below.

Subscriptions are payable on the 1st of each month by bank standing order. ASA fees for swimmers and parent member are payable annually (see bottom of page).

Any concerns or queries that you have regarding the amendment in monthly subscriptions should be directed to, as should any reminders of your families Unique Account ID (eg: DSC9999 BROWN X/Y/Z.) to be used on all payments - issued to ease the process of tracking Standing Orders.

Subscription Charge
Performance 70.00
Age Group Performance 59.00
Age Group Development 50.00
Club Performance 52.00
Competitive Development 36.00
Skill Development 36.00
Transition Plus 33.00
Transition 28.00
Teaching Stages 4 to 8 23.50

ASA fees are also payable on an annual basis, the rate payable depends on the squad. For every child who is under 18, there must also be a parent member. Rates for 2014 are in the table below.

Category Description Charge p/person
1 Teaching Section £16.50
2 Transition, Junior, Skill Development, Competitive Development, Age Group Development, Age Group Performance, Performance, Youth Performance £34.00
3 Parent for children under 16 £7.50

The Squads

Club Squad

This squad is for those swimmers who have reached their potential or where swimming once per week is sufficient for their fitness needs. However, swimmers can still progress to the Junior Squad and beyond if sufficient commitment and swim skills are demonstrated. Swimmers will continue to improve stroke technique and will be encouraged to take part in the Junior and Deben club meets.

Junior Squad

Swimmers will learn how to work out turn-around times using the pace clock and lane etiquette, together with all turns including Individual Medley. Stroke technique will be further emphasised and drills will be introduced to achieve maximum progression and understanding of technique.

Swimmers will be expected to –

  • Achieve Competitive Start Award.
  • Take part in the Junior and Deben Club meets and leagues, open meets that they qualify for and time trials.
  • Encouraged to achieve Suffolk Development qualifying times.

Skill Development Squad

This squad will further concentrate on refining technique and optimising progress of the swimmer. More emphasis will be put on the importance of the turns, starts and finishes. The training will be focused around Individual Medleys giving the swimmers a chance to excel at all strokes and increase their fitness levels compared to those in the Junior squad.

Swimmers will be expected to –

  • Compete in League Competitions, Deben and other Open Meets that they qualify for and time trials.
  • Achieve Suffolk Development qualifying times as well as Suffolk County qualifying times.

Competitive Development Squad

Although stroke technique will feature strongly in this squad a lot more emphasis will be put on optimising performance as well as learning additional and more detailed drills.

Swimmers will be expected to –

  • Train using a variety of training methods such as distance, pace work and high intensity training.
  •  Take part in time trials, compete in League Competitions, Deben Club Galas and Open Meets that they qualify.
  • Achieve Suffolk Development qualifying times as well as Suffolk County qualifying times.

Youth Squad

This squad allows swimmers the opportunity to decide whether they wish to be selected for league or Open Meets or whether they only wish to train for fitness. They will be motivated and encouraged to achieve their own relevant goals.

County and Regional qualifying times will still be aspired to within this squad but not a requirement.

Age Group Development Squad

Swimmers in this squad will be expected to aspire to perform at a high level and have an excellent attendance rate. Their training program will be progressive.

Swimmers will be expected to –

  • Continue to learn how to train, pace and compete in all strokes and all distances.
  • Compete in League Competitions, and Open Meets suitable for them
  • Aim to achieve County Times

Age Group Performance Squad

They will be expected to perform to the highest of standards at every session with excellent attendance. This squad will also be learning to take responsibility for their own training and learning how to manage their training time effectively.

Swimmers will be expected to –

  • Compete in appropriate League Competitions, and Open Meets
  • Achieve a minimum of 3 County Times
  •  Aim to achieve Regional Times
  • Attendance to all available land training is expected

Performance Squad

This will be the most challenging squad in terms of performance and achievement. Swimmers will need be completely focused on their swimming progress and expected to behave and perform well at all times.

Swimmers will be expected to -

  • Achieve a minimum of 1 Regional Qualifying Time
  • Achieving National Times should be a target for the squad
  • Attendance to all available land training is expected


  • This document describes the expectations of all Deben squads. It should be noted that entry criteria for all squads is based on the potential to achieve the criteria set out below as well as attitude, ability and attendance.
  • For entry into the next squad or to maintain position in current squad attendance must be more than 60% of the sessions with a target of 75%, unless there has been long term illness of holiday which will be taken into account.
  • The AGD, AGP and Performance squads are expected to arrive 15mins early for land warm up before starting their swim session. It is the swimmers responsibility to undertake this warm up correctly and should follow the same routine as used for land training warm up.
  • Movement from squad to squad will be at the Head Coach’s discretion. It is important to understand that the criteria is set for a reason and any swimmer unable to fulfill it will be moved into another squad until such a time they are able to achieve the entry level again.


Training Timetable

Squads Age Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sunday
Performance 12+ 0600-0700 0600-0700 0600-0700 0545-0700 0600-0700
1800-2100*** 1745-1915** 1800-2100*** 1700-1900**
AGP 10+ 0600-0700 0545-0700
1745-1915** 1800-20000*** 1900-2100 1700-1900**
AGD 8+ 0600-0700 0545-0700
1800-2000**** 1745-1915** 1900-2000 1700-1900**
Youth 14+ 0545-0700
2000-2100 2000-2100 1800-1900
Competitive Development 12+ 0600-0700
2000-2100 1900-2000 1800-1900
Skill Development 8+ 1900-2000 1900-2000 1800-1900
Transition Plus 8+ 1900-2000 1800-1900
Transition* 7+ 1700-1800
Club Squad* 1700-1800
Stages 4-7* 5+ 1800-1830
Stage 8* 6+ 1830-1800


Training at Woolvestone = **

Land training for first hour with Fitness Project = ***

Land training for first hour in Hutchinson Room= ****

No training in summer holidays= *

Performance Squad: Monday, Wednesday and Friday early morning sessions are by invitation only


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