Training Guidelines

  1. Make sure you attend as many sessions as possible and refer to the criteria
    which sets out how many you must attend in order to get the best out of your training.
  2. All training sessions should be completed in full, and so you will not be able to leave
    early unless your coach has given you permission.
  3. Morning training sessions are an important part of the performance squads training
    programme and must be attended.
  4. Always be on poolside at least 15 minutes before session is due to start to prepare
    correctly for the training session.
  5. Ensure you have your hat and goggles on before session is due to start with your water
    bottle full of fresh water!
  6. DRINK – ensure that you have a drink with you for every session and that you drink
    regularly throughout the day.
  7. Make sure you know the direction your lane is swimming – no swimming down the middle!
  8. Warm-up is designed to warm you up, not wear you out!
  9. Always use the pace clock during training.
  10. Always leave the correct gaps to swimmer in front and respect each swimmer in the lane
    – they are your team mates after all!

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